1. As our fourth instalment of exploring innovation in denim, we synced up with @tellason co-founder, @PeteSearson. For the complete interview, click the link in our IG bio.
  2. If you ever look closely at a pair of worked-over, worn-in @tellason  denim, you’ll notice a little rectangle shape develop on the back pocket. For more images and info, head to our site via the link in our IG bio. #FadeFriday #legaltabfade
  3. Up-close look at The New Standard Edition’s herringbone selvedge fabric. Be sure to read our full review of their latest model via the link in our IG bio.
  4. Still looking to get into raw denim, but unsure what brand and model you should start with? Then check our our article today (via the link in our bio) that outlines the best entry level denim. Pictured above is the model we recommend after a few years of wear. #buyersguide
  5. We’ve previously gone over a few areas related to denim construction, and today we continue on by breaking down 3x1, 2x1, and plain weave twills. Read more through the link on our bio.
  6. Although denim’s cultural identity is firmly rooted in the US, its impact reaches well beyond American borders. Today we take a moment to remember the Belarus Denim Revolution in September 2005. Full details via the link in our bio.
  7. Worn for just 6 months and treated to 2 washes, this pair of @leftfieldnyc indigo duck canvas chino has developed a really unique off-grey patina and an incredible set of whisker and comb fades. Head to the link on our bio for full details and images. #FadeFriday
  8. As a result of superior construction techniques and fabrics used, it’s no surprise that century old denim is often unearthed in completely wearable condition. Bearing this in mind, we need to ask ourselves - if we knew how to make denim jeans better then, why don’t we make them better now? Get our take on the issue today at our site: www.rawrdenim.com.
  9. Since getting your mitts on an original, worn-in @levis Type II is no easy feat, #LVC created this repro model. @libertyfairs
  10. What do you think of Japan Blue Jeans new arc? The left side is meant to be J-shaped and the right B-shaped. @capsuleshow
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